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Institutions earning the Military Friendly® Schools Awards designation were evaluated using public data sources and responses from a proprietary survey. Over 1,800 schools participated in the 2023-2024 survey,  530 schools earned awards level designations in Gold, Silver, and Bronze. 250 were selected for “Gold” award status for their leading practices, outcomes, and effective programs. The 2023-2024 Military Friendly® Schools list will be published in G.I. Jobs magazine’s May issue.  

Methodology, criteria, and weightings were determined by Viqtory with input from the Military Friendly® Advisory Council of independent leaders in higher education. Final ratings were determined by combining the institution’s survey responses and government/agency public data sources within a logic-based assessment. We measure their ability to meet thresholds for Retention, Graduation, Job Placement, Repayment, Persistence, and Loan Default rates for all students and specifically, for student veterans.

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Bryant UniversityPrivate Not Offering DoctorateTop Ten
City Colleges Of Chicago - Wilbur Wright CollegeLarge Community CollegeTop Ten
CUNY College of Staten IslandSmall PublicTop Ten
Advanced Technology InstituteNon traditional/ Online/VocationalTop Ten
Carnegie Mellon UniversityTier 1 Research InstitutionTop Ten
City Colleges of Chicago - Kennedy King CollegeSmall Community CollegeTop Ten
Casper CollegeSmall Community CollegeTop Ten
Concordia University WisconsinPrivate Offering DoctorateTop Ten
Appalachian State UniversityLarge PublicTop Ten
Arizona College of NursingNon traditional/ Online/VocationalTop Ten
Columbus State UniversitySmall PublicTop Ten
Boston CollegeTier 1 research institutionTop Ten
Columbia College-ColumbiaPrivate Not Offering DoctorateTop Ten
California Institute of Arts & TechnologyNon traditional/ Online/VocationalTop Ten
Bossier Parish Community CollegeSmall Community CollegeTop Ten
Citrus CollegeLarge Community CollegeTop Ten
Assumption UniversityPrivate Not Offering DoctorateTop Ten
Central Community CollegeSmall Community CollegeTop Ten
Auburn University at MontgomerySmall PublicTop Ten
Central Georgia Technical CollegeLarge Community CollegeTop Ten
Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary ArtsNon traditional/ Online/VocationalTop Ten
Central Georgia Technical CollegeLarge Community CollegeTop Ten
Blackstone Career InstituteNon traditional/ Online/VocationalTop Ten
Abraham Lincoln UniversityNon traditional/ Online/VocationalGold
Asher College, Dallas TX CampusNon traditional/ Online/VocationalGold
Bradley UniversityPrivate Offering DoctorateGold
Brenau UniversityPrivate Offering DoctorateGold
City Colleges of Chicago- Harold Washington CollegeSmall Community CollegeGold
Clarkson UniversityPrivate Offering DoctorateGold
Bristol Community CollegeSmall Community CollegeGold
Baldwin Wallace UniversityPrivate Not Offering DoctorateGold
Central Georgia Technical College- WARNER ROBINSLarge Community CollegeGold
Coastal Carolina Community CollegeSmall Community CollegeGold
Coastal Carolina UniversityLarge PublicGold
Central Carolina Technical CollegeSmall Community CollegeGold
College for Creative StudiesGraduate schoolGold
College of Lake CountyLarge Community CollegeGold
College of Southern MarylandSmall Community CollegeGold
College of The AlbemarleSmall Community CollegeGold
Charleston Southern UniversityPrivate Offering DoctorateGold
Anne Arundel Community CollegeLarge Community CollegeGold
Aiken Technical CollegeSmall Community CollegeGold
Creighton UniversityPrivate Offering DoctorateGold
Cowley CollegeSmall Community CollegeGold
Central Carolina Community CollegeSmall Community CollegeGold
American UniversityPrivate Offering DoctorateGold
Concord UniversitySmall PublicGold
Arizona State University Campus ImmersionLarge PublicGold
Arizona State University Digital ImmersionNon traditional/ Online/VocationalGold
California Baptist UniversityPrivate Offering DoctorateGold
Central Arizona CollegeSmall Community CollegeSilver
CBT Technology InstituteNon traditional/ Online/VocationalSilver
Central Piedmont Community CollegeLarge Community CollegeSilver
Cayuga Community CollegeSmall Community CollegeSilver
Carteret Community CollegeSmall Community CollegeSilver
Central Virginia Community CollegeSmall Community CollegeSilver
Clovis Community CollegeSmall Community CollegeSilver
Chatham UniversityPrivate Offering DoctorateSilver
Chippewa Valley Technical CollegeLarge Community CollegeSilver
Chowan UniversityPrivate Not Offering DoctorateSilver
City Colleges of Chicago - Malcolm X CollegeSmall Community CollegeSilver
Clemson UniversityTier 1 research institutionSilver
Cleveland State UniversityTier 2 research institutionSilver
Adelphi UniversityPrivate Offering DoctorateSilver
Coastal Pines Technical CollegeSmall Community CollegeSilver
Colorado Christian University - College of Adult and Graduate StudiesPrivate Offering DoctorateSilver
Community College of PhiladelphiaLarge Community CollegeSilver
Community College of Rhode IslandLarge Community CollegeSilver
Concordia University IrvinePrivate Offering DoctorateSilver
Copper Mountain CollegeSmall Community CollegeSilver
CUNY - Queens CollegeLarge PublicSilver
Carlow UniversityPrivate Offering DoctorateSilver
Canisius CollegePrivate Not Offering DoctorateSilver
Campbell UniversityPrivate Offering DoctorateSilver
Auburn UniversityTier 2 research institutionSilver
Benedictine UniversityPrivate Offering DoctorateSilver
Cameron UniversitySmall PublicSilver
Barton CollegePrivate Not Offering DoctorateSilver
Ball State UniversityTier 2 research institutionSilver
Baker CollegePrivate Offering DoctorateSilver
Augustana UniversityPrivate Not Offering DoctorateSilver
Asnuntuck Community CollegeSmall Community CollegeSilver
Bethel UniversityPrivate Offering DoctorateSilver
Asher College Las VegasNon traditional/ Online/VocationalSilver
Asher CollegeNon traditional/ Online/VocationalSilver
Arkansas Northeastern CollegeSmall Community CollegeSilver
American College of Healthcare SciencesNon traditional/ Online/VocationalSilver
Alexandria Technical & Community CollegeSmall Community CollegeSilver
Albertus Magnus CollegePrivate Not Offering DoctorateSilver
Albany Technical CollegeSmall Community CollegeSilver
Berklee College of MusicPrivate Not Offering DoctorateSilver
Belmont UniversityPrivate Offering DoctorateSilver
CUNY School of Professional StudiesTier 1 research institutionSilver
Bucks County Community CollegeLarge Community CollegeSilver
Cambrigde CollegePrivate Offering DoctorateSilver
California State University, NorthridgeLarge PublicSilver
California State Polytechnic University, PomonaLarge PublicSilver
Butler Community CollegeSmall Community CollegeSilver
Buena Vista UniversityPrivate Not Offering DoctorateSilver
Blue Ridge Community CollegeSmall Community CollegeSilver