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Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University is a private not for profit institution Carnegie Mellon University will have a transformative impact on society through continual innovation in education, research, creativity, and entrepreneurship. Mission To create a transformative educational experience for students focused on deep disciplinary knowledge; problem solving; leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills; and personal health and well-being. To cultivate a transformative university community committed to (a) attracting and retaining diverse, world-class talent; (b) creating a collaborative environment open to the free exchange of ideas, where research, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship can flourish; and (c) ensuring individuals can achieve their full potential. To impact society in a transformative way — regionally, nationally, and globally — by engaging with partners outside the traditional borders of the university campus.



Tier 1 research institution

Why you should attend?

A Carnegie Mellon education is marked by its strong focus on fundamental and versatile problem-solving skills in a specific discipline, but the university respects and values students' varied talents and interests that often span many specialties. Students can explore more than one field of study while developing the strong professional core that is the hallmark of a Carnegie Mellon education. The university encourages students to expand their thinking in new and exciting dimensions. In addition the university offers generous Yellow Ribbon Funding to veterans and provides opportunities to meet with and work with active duty students as well as opportunities to attend lectures by members of the military community, as well different government organizations.