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Bossier Parish Community College (BPCC) is a two year college in the northwest corner of Louisiana. We serve a diverse group of students in a large military community that consists of active duty, national guard, reservists, military retirees and their families. BPCC boasts a state of the art Veterans Resource Center to provide a safe space for the veterans and their families. BPCC also has a Cavalier Care Center to serve student insufficiencies such as food, housing, and state/government assistance applications. BPCC has an office of disabilities and a crisis counselor on staff free of charge. BPCC offers classes in various modalities at various times of the day. We offer programs that feed into the local community with industry based credentials, certificates, and degrees to be ready for hire. We offer programs ranging from allied health to cyber technology with a national testing center on our campus. We offer athletics, fine arts, and theatre productions with a very active student life department to give students the full campus experience. It is very important for BPCC to provide our students with a safe space to empower them so they can embrace and succeed in their educational goals.



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Why you should attend?

Bossier Parish Community College has held the "Military Friendly" and " Military Friendly Spouse" designation for the past thirteen years. Our campus is a top ten school in Military Advanced Education and Transition, a Purple Heart Campus, a designated Louisiana Governor's Veteran Friendly Campus. We are also a Top 20 Military CLEP Testing Site . We have a staffed Veterans Resource Center with VA Health Net access, a study lounge, computer lab, service dog area, and a state Vet Corp representative to assist with state benefits. We offer coursework online, hybrid, and on campus for military all across the globe. We have experienced staff with military affiliations to assist with benefits, transitions, disabilities, and mental health. We accept all military benefits federally and statewide. We waive fees for active duty members, do not charge application fees, offer military scholarships, and also waive out of state tuition for all military affiliated students.. We make transition less stressful with one stop enrollment and one on one orientation to encourage success and ensure the veteran knows how to use their benefits to their advantage. They have a personal representative with expert knowledge of all things military whose door is always open to assist with anything they need. BPCC sets the bar very high for other schools around the state and the country. BPCC is a caring campus with open arms to serve those who have selflessly served for our country. When they reach our doors, Operation Graduation is in full force and they can look forward to completing their educational goals. They even create their own dog tags in the VRC and leave them on display after graduation.