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Carteret Community College

Located on Bogue Sound, Carteret Community College was founded in 1963 and is one of 58 institutions comprising the North Carolina Community College System. Carteret CC is accredited and offers more than 90 associate’s degrees, diplomas, and certificates that prepare students for university transfer or immediate entrance into the workforce. At Carteret CC, we also offer short-term, non-degree programs in healthcare, public safety, transportation, skilled trades, and more. Non-degree programs include customized training, small business support, and basic skills courses such as high school equivalency preparation and English as a Second Language. Learn how you can start your Sound Education today!



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Why you should attend?

Carteret Community College's unwavering commitment to its mission ensures that military servicemembers and veterans receive comprehensive support during their academic journey. By prioritizing awareness of veteran benefits and offering tailored resources, the institution facilitates a seamless transition, fostering an enriched educational experience. With a focus on addressing the unique challenges veterans encounter when returning to college, Carteret Community College stands as an exceptional choice for military-affiliated individuals seeking a supportive and conducive educational environment.