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Clarkson has an ecosystem that lets you design your academics, research and social life to intentionally collide with your own personal passions to create a powerful learning experience. We will get you ready to lead and impact a tech driven world at the intersections of science, technology, engineering, arts and business. Everyone has opportunities and hands-on access to build the mindset and practical skill sets to stretch boundaries. Graduates emerge with the competence to make sense of complex systems and forge connections across people and fields. One in five alumni already leads as a CEO, senior executive or owner of a company.



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Why you should attend?

Clarkson University is 70 miles from the U.S. Army base Ft. Drum, located in Jefferson county, home of the 10th Mountain Division. The base supports, trains and mobilizes troops to Afghanistan and Iraq, Hurricane relief and is combat ready for rapid global deployment at any time. The university has a long standing history of Military Friendly School designation and Yellow Ribbon in which it has reinvigorated its supports to gain back. We are proud to continue this support and look forward to supporting more military servicemembers and veterans through our Student Support Services (Trio - SSS) program.