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Bladen Community College

Bladen Community College’s motto is Student Centered, Future Focused. The college offers a variety of career and technical certificates, diplomas, and degrees as well as transfer degrees aligning with area colleges and universities. With a student-centered approach, the college prioritizes individual growth and fosters a supportive community environment. Known for flexibility in scheduling and a commitment to student success, Bladen Community College caters to a broad spectrum of learners. Whether pursuing career advancement or further education, students benefit from personalized attention and resources, making it a vibrant hub for academic achievement in a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.



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Why you should attend?

Bladen Community College is the ideal choice for veterans seeking a supportive and tailored educational experience. BCC is committed to fostering a veteran-friendly environment, understanding the unique needs and experiences of those who have served. With dedicated staff and resources, the college provides personalized academic advising, easing the transition into civilian life. Bladen Community College offers flexible scheduling complementing a range of programs including career and technical courses and transfer options. Beyond academics, we offer a close-know community that values camaraderie and mutual support. By choosing Bladen Community College, veterans embark on a path of educational success and meaningful career opportunities.