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Clovis Community College

Clovis Community College is an institution of higher education, offering Associate Degrees and Certificates through traditional and online classes. With a diverse range of programs, CCC caters to over 4,000 students per year. Collaborating with local school districts, we provide high school students dual credit courses on various platforms, including Zoom Technology. Serving Cannon Air Force Base personnel through the CAFB/CCC Educational Office, we extend our commitment. CCC ensures quality education through online instruction in general education and selected occupational fields. From on-campus to virtual learning, we stand as a dedicated institution fostering accessible, equitable and impactful education.



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Why you should attend?

Clovis Community College is unwavering in its dedication to academic success for military students. We provide diverse class formats and times, including a mixed modality option for seamless transitions during TDY. CCC offers an incomplete continuance option for those that cannot continue during a TDY, allowing service members to resume seamlessly. Our faculty and staff understand the challenges of the military lifestyle, acknowledging the demands on active personnel. CCC's affordable tuition rates empower servicemembers to maximize their tuition assistance benefits. We collaborate closely with base personnel to ensure the relevance of classes at Cannon Air Force Base for our servicemembers.