Military Friendly Company Guide

Understanding the Survey

Every institution dedicates itself to the military and veteran community when they participate in the Military Friendly® Companies Survey. We are here to help. Below are resources and answers to the questions you have, so we can work together towards making every institution in America is Better for Veterans.

The expanded timeline that includes designation release dates and future survey openings

Understand the Top 10, Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards, the Categorical breakdowns, and more.

Understanding the various awards and categories that classify companies.
The categories for the 2020 Military Friendly® Companies survey is as follows:

  • Over $5 Billion
  • $1 Billion to $5 Billion
  • $500 Million to $1 Billion
  • Government/Non-Profit
  • Less than $500 Million

The 2019 Military Friendly® Designation is awarded to companies who meet the requirements in the Methodology section above. They are committed to being Better for Veterans and are an example to American companies.

The Military Friendly® Employer with Bronze distinction is an employer who scored within 30% of the 10th best Employer in their category. These Employers have exceptional military/veteran programs and this award showcases their dedication.

The 2019 Military Friendly® Silver Designation is awarded to companies who meet the requirements and score within 20% of the 10th ranking Employer in their category.  Only a select group of companies achieve this honor.

The Military Friendly®  Employer with Gold distinction is an employer who scored within 10% of the 10th ranking Employer in their category.  These employers are setting the example with their programs and initiatives.

The Military Friendly® Top 10 Employers are the guidon bearers for military/veteran programs and initiatives. They set the standard for other designations and are programs that continue to improve every year.See the list here.

Order your plaque and display your dedication to the Military / Veteran Community.

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