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Angelo State University

Angelo State University provides highly competitive graduates to the global marketplace by delivering quality programs in a values-focused and student-centered teaching and learning environment. We know you can spend your bene ts at any institution in the country so why should you choose us? At the sum of all the things that make our institution special, we are still small enough to care; and because we care, we will give you the best educational experience possible. Other institutions have bigger names. Other institutions have more students. If you want a good education at a reasonable price, choose Angelo State University.



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Why you should attend?

Angelo State University is a public, non-pro t university located deep in the heart of west Texas. We have worked closely with federal agencies (both military and civilian) to develop programs specifically designed for military and veteran students to raise their level of education and capabilities. These programs have proven successful in increasing the level of professionalism and leadership skills for graduates that have gone on to careers in the military, civil service, and the civilian sector. Angelo State University can help you merge your military experience and bene ts to graduate as quickly as possible and at your lowest cost.