Serving Our Heroes: Military Friendly® Schools Give Back

Get ready to be inspired by three impressive Military Friendly® Schools—Eastern Kentucky University, Stetson College of Law, and Northwest Nazarene University—each setting the example in honoring the sacrifices made by the men and women who have served in the U.S. military. Learn why and how these schools have taken a bigger role in giving back to our military heroes and their families. These schools know that by providing the proper support and helping to unite their local communities behind them, our veterans will continue to strengthen and advance our nation.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Hear directly from three top Military Friendly® Schools about the philanthropic programs they are engaged in, program activities and outcomes, and why these efforts matter.
  • Learn about the Military Friendly® School rankings and how they boost your school’s brand, reputation and ability to form effective military partnerships in the community and surrounding areas where your school is located.
  • Discover the Council of Foundations’ Veterans Philanthropy Exchange for ideas, best practices, and ways your school can align your efforts with other public and private partners for greater collective impact on services for veterans and their families.

Slides: Introductory Slides | Stetson Law Slides | Eastern Kentucky Slides | Northwest Nazarene Slides

Other Resources: EKU Transitional Housing Project Video | NNU Fallen Comrade Table Photo 1Photo 2