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We live in an era when the value of military service in the professional world is unquestioned and unmatched. Our nation’s military members perform highly skilled jobs using high-tech equipment in the most challenging situations around the globe. They develop real-world experience and global diversity. They are leaders who work well in teams and are truly mission-oriented. They are graduates of the premier training institution in the world. We like to call them “military alumni.”

Employers and colleges know this, which is why they compete to attract military candidates as employees and prospective students. What this means is that veterans have countless opportunities on where they can put their skills and benefits to use. They need a consistent and predictable standard that lets them make good choices for major life decisions like where to work or where to enroll in school.


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The Military Friendly® Survey is 100% free to take and when your earn the designation it is 100% free. As a designee you will have intellectual property rights and usage to the logo , badge, and title of "Military Friendly® Employer."

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Draw into the highest quality military community talent with the badge showing your care, commitment, and proven veteran/community programs. Gain national recognition, through shared press efforts. As a designee, you will also be listed in several issues of GIJOBS® Magazine annually, Gaining visibility across military installations globally.

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Understand where your organizations benchmark and identify areas of strength, growth, and improvement. Trending and trailing data provide insight within comparative and relevant market data, providing your company with a competitive advantage and transparency.

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The annual designation process for  Military Friendly® is on a rolling admission standard. Your company can request, complete, and submit your responses through out the year. All responses must be submitted annually to maintain the designation. Awards and shared press efforts are based on companies that submit data within the annual snapshot window. This window typically falls in the month of  August.


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When you earn the designation it calls for celebration on the national stage. Organizations have leveraged Times Square billboards, national TV ads, national radio ads, and more.

This designation not only means a lot to the military community but also to the people who work so hard to create an incredible environment and that sustainable benefit for them.