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Washington University of Science and Technology

Career-focused University located in Vienna, VA, close to Washington DC, accessible to the Metro, and easily traveled roads for easy access. Washington University of Science and Technology is student-focused with a priority on the students learning outcomes and career success. Our programs are designed and delivered for quality and up-to-date instruction, and coinvent to the students’ busy schedule. Day, evening, and weekend classes. Our class sizes are 12 -15 students per class to foster creative discussion on class topics. This allows students to effectively participate in the learning and retaining of the lessons learned process. Our student retention rate and our student placement rates are well above what is required.



Private not offering Doctorate

Why you should attend?

We have veterans on staff, and instructors in the classrooms who are veterans, this is a benefit to a military students, who needs help while trying to learn and focus on their military responsibilities For those service members who are transitioning back to civilian life or to enhance their established careers, Our veteran staff can assist them, just like they were in the military. We have a military resource center that is for them, providing them guidance, and encouragement for their success. For the military spouse, our schedule is flexible so that they can manage their family responsibilities, and meet their career expectation, with little stress. Dr. Burk, the President of the University is committed to their success