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Ventura College

Ventura College, with an enrollment exceeding 14,000 students, is a dynamic educational institution committed to excellence. Renowned for its diverse and inclusive community, the college offers a broad spectrum of academic programs, fostering intellectual growth and skill development. With a focus on student success, Ventura College provides a supportive environment, innovative teaching methodologies, and comprehensive resources. The institution is dedicated to preparing students for diverse career paths and further education, embodying a commitment to excellence that aligns seamlessly with military-friendly principles.



Large community college

Why you should attend?

Ventura College stands as an exemplary choice for military service members and veterans due to its robust support infrastructure. With a dedicated full-time coordinator, designated spaces, and an array of workshops and events, the college prioritizes the unique needs of veterans. Offering specialized counseling services and fostering a sense of community, Ventura College ensures a smooth transition from military to academic life. The institution's commitment to providing resources, guidance, and a veteran-friendly atmosphere solidifies its reputation as an excellent choice for those who have served, creating a pathway for success in education and beyond.