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University of North Dakota

The University of North Dakota, located in the city of Grand Forks, is the state’s oldest and largest university. With over 14,000 students, it offers 225+ highly accredited on-campus and online degrees and is a leader in engineering, medicine, aviation, space, and unmanned aircraft systems. The institution’s mission is to provide exceptional educational experiences that enrich the lives of North Dakotans and the global community through excellence in teaching, innovative research, and meaningful engagement.



Tier 2 research institution

Why you should attend?

The University of North Dakota is an excellent choice due to its high-quality and flexible programs that align with military interests and desired career plans. It offers affordability at the state rate for all on-campus service members, veterans, and dependents while providing dedicated support services to assist students in maximizing their education benefits and financial aid. In addition, UND offers the Federal TA rate for most undergraduate programs and has both Air Force and Army ROTC programs, GEM courses, AU-ABC program plans, and a strong local military community that includes the Grand Forks Air Force Base.