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Unity Environmental University

Unity Environmental University is a multifaceted organization recognized as the thought leader in global ecological, economic, and societal solutions (Unity’s vision). Unity Environmental University is also dedicated to delivering quality education and experiences that produce outstanding environmentally competent professionals and inspire individuals from all walks of life to steward sustainable ecosystems (Unity’s mission). In pursuing Unity Environmental University’s vision and mission, we are also committed to following these eight core values: Respect, Integrity, Social Responsibility, Community, Resiliency, Cultural Competency, Innovation, and Accountability.



Private not offering Doctorate

Why you should attend?

Unity Environmental University has a standing history of dedication to servicemembers. Unity encourages all military and veteran prospective students to apply here, where there are a variety of financial aid options available to help make paying for college easier. Unity gives personalized guidance throughout the application process, coursework and beyond. Unity provides help with understanding how financial aid and benefits affect the student bill, academic planning and advice, career planning, course registration, tutoring, interviewing skills, professional development, and more. Unity offers veterans, active-duty military, and military spouses and dependents a special tuition rate for our Distance Education programs.