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Military Friendly Spouse® Employers 2021

Hiring is important, but for military spouses the real challenge is sustaining a career within a given profession during constant geographic relocations. The key question the index attempts to address is the career of the military spouse. The Military Friendly® methodology considers the policies, processes, resources and investments that have the greatest impact on career opportunity and advancement for military spouses. It identifies the employers that demonstrably provide the greatest career potential. The Military Spouse Friendly Employers® survey takes a detailed look at the lifecycle of military spouse employees: What employers do to attract, hire, and develop them; as well as the policies and practices with which employers support them along the way. The survey offers an opportunity to highlight the efforts of companies across the country to help military spouse employees have long-term careers.

About our Awardees

Military spouses have the education, background, and talent to be important contributors to companies that seek diverse job candidates. More and more companies are finding out that this pool of talent is a huge asset to their organizations. Military Friendly® is pleased to present 95 Military Spouse Friendly® Employers. The list is one in a series published annually by Military Friendly® identifying those employers and schools that do the most for veterans and military families. The companies on the Military Friendly® list represent a diverse field of industries, including insurance, retail, finance, health care and more.