Industry: Energy, Extraction, and Utilities

About Patterson-UTI

Patterson-UTI is a leading provider of diversified energy services with expertise in contract drilling, pressure pumping, equipment rental, and directional drilling that provide proven paths of success for our customers. Our employees hold the key to our success, and we take pride in recruiting the industry's best who accelerate progress and turn ideas into action.

Military Friendly Ratings

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Why Work at the Company?

Patterson-UTI proudly enlists veterans and military spouses across our companies. As a veteran hiring leader, we value military backgrounds by recognizing the skills and experiences acquired as a service member. We offer a mission focused, safety conscious environment with structured roles, challenging opportunities and career growth. Some of our core values that appeal to veterans include the Protection of the Environment, Operational Excellence, Honesty and Integrity and a Respectful Workplace. We have had tremendous success working with military veterans who share our commitment to operational excellence, continuous learning and promoting a culture of respect and safety.

Top Jobs

Automotive Technicians & Mechanics


Diagnose, adjust, repair, or overhaul automotive vehicles.

Top Degrees

Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology, General

A general program that focuses on the scientific study of the composition and behavior of the atmospheric envelopes surrounding the earth, the effect of earth's atmosphere on terrestrial weather, and related problems of environment and climate. Includes instruction in atmospheric chemistry and physics, atmospheric dynamics, climatology and climate change, weather simulation, weather forecasting, climate modeling and mathematical theory; and studies of specific phenomena such as clouds, weather systems, storms, and precipitation patterns.