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LEW Environmental Services

LEW Environmental Services is a nationally recognized leader in the environmental consulting, remediation, and training industry. We provide clients professional environmental consulting, investigation, training, and remediation services while assuring unsurpassed quality and service. We are experienced in residential, commercial, and government projects of all sizes with over 100+ certifications across numerous environmental disciplines, including lead paint, asbestos, mold, indoor air quality, and radon. We partner with private clients, public authorities, and government entities nationwide through all project phases. Our experienced staff is with you from start to finish to address all of your environmental testing, consulting, remediation, and training service requirements. A Environmental Consulting, Remediation, & Training A Health Hazards: Lead Paint, Asbestos, Mold, Indoor Air Quality, Radon A Site Assessments, Soil & Water Testing, Abatement Project Design, Mold Mitigation & Testing, Asbestos Testing & Removal A GSA Contract Holder

Why work with us?

We recognize how valuable it is to have veterans in the workplace and we offer intensives to recruit in this demographic