Webinar: Recruit and Retain Talent from the National Guard and Reserve



AgileDad is a professional Agile coaching and training firm that specializes in practical, real-world application of Scrum and Agile practices to enhance team performance and efficiency in organizations, led by seasoned Agile expert V. Lee Henson. They offer personalized mentoring, consulting, and robust Agile training programs.

Why work with us?

AgileDad is recognized as a great workplace for veterans due to their commitment to leveraging the unique skills and disciplines that veterans bring to the workforce. Their approach resonates with the structured yet adaptable nature of military training, making the transition to Agile methodologies seamless. AgileDad values the leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities inherent in military experience, which align well with Agile principles. They offer a supportive environment where veterans can continue to grow professionally, with opportunities to lead, innovate, and influence positive outcomes in a collaborative, mission-driven setting that echoes the camaraderie and purpose found in military service.