We group Military Friendly®-designated organizations into award categories based on revenue (for companies) or enrollment size and type (for schools). An organization may earn one or several awards, or they may simply meet the standard and be designated Military Friendly® with no award.

Military Friendly® Status

Military Friendly® Schools

Military Friendly® Employers

Private, offering Doctorate  Over $1 Billion annual revenue
Private, not offering Doctorate  $500 Million – $1 Billion in annual revenue
Non-Traditional Less than $1 Billion in annual revenue
Large Community Colleges Nonprofit
Small Community Colleges  Veteran Index
Large Public
Small Public
Tier 1 Research Institutions
 Tier 2 Research Institutions
Graduate Schools
Online / Vocational

Military Friendly® Status

Our Military Friendly® Awards provide a more competitive view of how an organization is performing compared with similar organizations.

A school or employer can be awarded:

  • Top 10 – the best of the best!
  • Gold – within 10% of 10th-ranked organization.
  • Silver – within 20% of the 10th-ranked organization.
  • Bronze – within 30% of the 10th-ranked organization.
  • Designated – These organizations are deemed Military Friendly® based on results from our survey.