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Concordia University’s Core Values and Mission Statement express our enduring purpose and identify: our very reason for existence as a place of Lutheran Christian higher education. All the schools’ programs and initiatives of the University are guided by shared fidelity to the central purpose. We provide access to the highest values of higher education experience. As a result, Concordia students discover and develop their vocations. Rigorous assessment of our academic offerings, university services, delivery systems and market organizational performance result in continuous improvement of the Concordia experience which enables our students to pursue and persist in their chosen career.



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As a Non-For-Pro t Lutheran institution that demonstrates the characteristics of being Military Friendly, Concordia University is committed to providing first class service to support our Active, Reserve and Veteran personnel and their families. Our Veteran Service Department is prepared to advise active military, veterans and their family members on utilizing military education benefits, providing resources for academic success, and building community involvement with the establishment of the 1st American Legion Post on a college campus in Wisconsin. Concordia participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program and works closely with community leaders to promote military and veteran education.