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San Juan College

San Juan College, a leading two-year community college in Farmington, New Mexico, ranks fifth in statewide enrollment. Serving over 14,000 students annually, it prioritizes success through innovative, affordable programs. With a robust selection of over 100 degree and certificate options in areas like Energy, Health Sciences, Business, Humanities, Trades, Technology, Math, Science, and Engineering, the college ensures a diverse learning experience. Offering both online and face-to-face classes, San Juan College equips students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary for future success. Our commitment to excellence solidifies our position as a dynamic institution dedicated to shaping capable and well-rounded graduates.



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Why you should attend?

San Juan College's main campus houses a dedicated Veteran Center, committed to supporting military and veteran students. Focused on facilitating a smooth transition, the Center offers comprehensive assistance to veterans, fostering goal achievement through a high-quality educational experience. San Juan College extends veteran benefits beyond the Choice Act, ensuring a holistic approach to support. Staffed exclusively by veterans, the Center guides each veteran through a personalized entry experience, maximizing the utilization of their benefits. Additionally, the center engages in campus-wide outreach education, enhancing civilian students' understanding and appreciation of the unique experiences and contributions of veterans at San Juan College.