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The 2020 Military Friendly® Companies survey has recently closed! Thank you for your interest in participating. While you are here, sign up and reserve your 2021 Military Friendly® Companies Survey and be one of the first companies in the nation to be sent your link.

We live in an era when the value of military service in the professional world is unquestioned and unmatched. Our nation’s military members perform highly skilled jobs using high-tech equipment in the most challenging situations around the globe. They develop real-world experience and global diversity. They are leaders who work well in teams and are truly mission-oriented. They are graduates of the premier training institution in the world. We like to call them “military alumni.”

Employers and colleges know this, which is why they compete to attract military candidates as employees and prospective students. What this means is that veterans have countless opportunities on where they can put their skills and benefits to use. They need a consistent and predictable standard that lets them make good choices for major life decisions like where to work or where to enroll in school.

Military Friendly® is the military ratings division of VIQTORY, a service-disabled, veteran-owned business. Military Friendly® rates companies and colleges on their programs to recruit and retain military veterans as employees and students. Military Friendly® is a federally trademarked term, created in 2003 by VIQTORY. Perhaps equally important is what the term is not. It is not a generic phrase or moniker that an organization or institution can self-assign. Nor is it a term that is owned, controlled or defined by the federal government. The organizations and institutions that choose to participate in the process earn their Military Friendly® designation. Our mission of Military Friendly® is to create maximum professional opportunity for our nation’s military service members, veterans and military spouses.

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