AccountingDepartment.com, LLC

AccountingDepartment.com is a 100% virtual bookkeeping, controller, and advisory services company that serves the businesses of entrepreneurs, business owners, government contractors, and key stakeholders by providing an entire outsourced accounting department.
-Member of MSEP
-Outreach programs for military spouses:
–On-the-job training programs for military spouses
–Networking Events
–Internal Virtual Community
-Assistance programs for military spouses who need job relocation due to military-related moves

Why work with us?

AccountingDepartment.com is a grass roots organization operating in a virtual environment since its inception in 2004. As visionaries, the co-founders knew the virtual environment would make all the difference for effective and flexible workplaces. AccountingDepartment.com is the largest in its space to offer full-time, W-2, US based, 100% virtual positions that include benefits, PTO, holiday pay, 401k, flexible work life balance, and a casual dress environment. We offer professional positions to people whom otherwise would be limited due to their proximity to available work. Our motto is "family first", thus work-life balance is the heartbeat of the company.