Webinar: Recruit and Retain Talent from the National Guard and Reserve

Guide to Hiring and Retaining Military Talent [Free Whitepaper]

build-the-best-to-hire-the-best-recruiting-tipsDid you know that nearly 400,000 military service members will transition their skills to companies nationwide this year? What are you doing to compete for this diverse, disciplined pool of talent?

Just one of the ways we’re helping companies like yours be Military Friendly® is by providing educational materials on best practices when it comes to recruiting from the military. After all, a holistic, integrated approach to hiring, training and mentoring veterans and military spouses is a must to compete for military talent – and to enable military employees to succeed in the civilian workplace.

Download your free guide and build your talent pipeline with military veterans and their spouses.


Inside you’ll discover how to:

  1. Make a top-down commitment to enabling military talent to succeed in the civilian workplace.
  2. Align your company’s programs and practices so that hiring from the military is the norm, not the exception.
  3. Train your staff to understand the military mindset, as well as what’s required by federal regulations.
  4. Improve onboarding and support for veterans and their spouses.
  5. Create awareness and branding for your company as a Military Friendly® Employer.

Download Your Free Guide to Recruiting Military Talent

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