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Dallas College

Dallas College, one of the largest open-admission community colleges in Texas, continues to grow and remains economically viable for future generations. Students benefit from partnerships with local business leaders, school districts, and four-year universities, while the college continues to provide economic benefits to businesses and taxpayers in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. The district consisted of seven independently accredited colleges, prior to 2022. Currently those colleges are one and offer a streamlined experience for students. Academic offerings include more than 300 academic/technical degrees and certificates and over 100 high-demand career training programs. Over 3200 full-time/adjunct faculty supports almost 100,000 students.




Large community college

Why you should attend?

Recognizing the sacrifices of current and former servicemembers and their families, Dallas College is an excellent choice for military connected members, because of its resolute staff, educational programs, wrap-around support services, and responsive workforce development which empower students to access high quality jobs. Dallas College offers affordable courses, the same as large universities at a fraction of the cost, including learning materials. Dallas College has partnered with four-year universities to provide transfer pathways for top transfer majors. In addition to the two-year and four-year programs Dallas College also offers workforce-ready certificates, enrichment, and certification classes for a lifetime of learning.